Spacious Wooden Planter with Trellis (90x35x180cm)


Unleash Vertical Gardening Potential: This spacious wooden planter with trellis (90x35x180cm) is the perfect solution for cultivating vibrant climbing plants, vines, and flowers in your garden, patio, or terrace.

Built to Last Outdoors:

  • Durable Solid Fir Wood: Constructed from high-quality fir wood, this planter boasts exceptional strength, weather resistance, and a naturally beautiful finish.
  • Moisture Resistant & Long-Lasting: Solid fir wood resists warping and cracking, ensuring your planter thrives outdoors for years to come.

Optimal Plant Growth & Drainage:

  • Ample Growing Space: The spacious planter box (90x35x30cm) provides ample room for a variety of plants, vegetables, and flowers.
  • Enhanced Drainage: The hollow bottom design promotes excellent drainage, preventing root rot and keeping your plants healthy.

Support for Climbing Plants:

  • Integrated Trellis Fence Panel: The beautiful trellis panel provides essential support for climbing plants like roses, ivy, and vines, allowing them to flourish and add vertical interest to your outdoor space.

Stylish & Versatile:

  • Natural Beauty: The planter's natural wood finish complements any garden design, adding a touch of rustic charm.
  • Multiple Placement Options: This versatile planter can be placed in a patio corner, leaned against a wall or fence, or used to create a stunning partition on your terrace.

Order yours today and cultivate a thriving vertical garden in your outdoor space!