Large Wooden Trellis Planter (Solid Firwood - 90x35x180cm)

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Unleash Your Green Thumb: This impressive wooden trellis planter (90x35x180cm) is the perfect solution for growing a thriving vertical garden of climbing plants, flowers, or vegetables in your garden, patio, or terrace.

Built to Endure the Elements: Crafted from durable solid firwood, this planter boasts exceptional weather resistance. It resists warping and maintains its beauty for years to come, ensuring a long-lasting outdoor planting experience.

Ample Growing Space: The spacious planter box (90x35x30cm) provides ample room for a variety of plants, while the hollow bottom ensures optimal drainage and ventilation, promoting healthy root growth.

Support for Climbing Beauties: The included trellis fence panel offers excellent support for climbing roses, ivy, vines, and other vining plants. This allows them to flourish and creates a stunning vertical element in your outdoor space.

Natural & Stylish Design: The elegant natural wood finish complements any outdoor setting, adding a touch of rustic charm to your garden.

Versatile Placement Options: This planter can be placed in a patio corner or leaned against a wall or fence, offering flexible placement options to suit your needs.

Effortless Assembly: Enjoy a hassle-free setup with the included assembly instructions.

Order yours today and cultivate a magnificent vertical garden!