Durable All-Season Walk-in Greenhouse - Perfect for Beginners & Pros


Extend your growing season and nurture a thriving garden year-round with this premium greenhouse! Ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners, this spacious greenhouse provides the perfect environment to:

  • Start seedlings early: Get a head start on your outdoor garden by starting seeds indoors.
  • Protect plants from harsh weather: Shield your plants from frost, strong winds, and unexpected cold snaps.
  • Grow a wider variety of plants: Enjoy a longer harvest season and cultivate exotic vegetables, fruits, and flowers that wouldn't survive outdoors in your climate.

Key Features:

  • Spacious Design (Dimensions Listed): Provides ample room for a diverse range of plants.
  • Durable & Lightweight Frame: Powder-coated steel frame ensures stability while remaining easy to move.
  • Crystal-Clear Cover: Allows for optimal sunlight penetration for healthy plant growth.
  • UV-Protected & Tear-Resistant: Ensures lasting use and protects your plants from harmful sunlight and unexpected tears.
  • Excellent Ventilation: Zipped front door and mosquito-free windows promote air circulation and prevent pest intrusion.
  • Easy Assembly: Fastens quickly with included ropes, no special tools needed.

Please Note: Greenhouse roof is not designed for heavy snowfall.


  • Color: Transparent
  • Frame Material: Powder-coated Tubular Steel
  • Cover Material: 100% PVC