Corten Steel Lawn Edging - Easy Install, Low Maintenance Landscape Edging (50 pcs)

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Create Crisp Landscape Lines & Suppress Grass Spread: These Corten steel lawn edgings establish clean borders for gardens, paths, lawns, and yards. They prevent grass from creeping into flower beds, adding both definition and visual appeal to your outdoor space.

Durable, Rust-Forming Corten Steel: Forget painting! This edging is crafted from Corten steel, a weather-resistant material that develops a beautiful, protective rust layer over time. This natural process eliminates the need for painting and provides exceptional long-term durability.

Easy Tool-Free Installation: The smart interlocking system allows for quick and easy connection of edging segments – no tools required! Simply snap the pieces together for a hassle-free edging solution.

Versatile Edging for Any Outdoor Space: This multi-purpose edging is perfect for gardens, courtyards, wooded areas, pathways, driveways, flowerbeds, and more.

Additional Information:

  • Material: Corten Steel (develops a rusty appearance over time)
  • Color: Natural steel color (rusts to a brown finish)
  • Size (each piece): 10 x 103 cm (H x L)
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Delivery Includes: 50 x Lawn Edging pieces