Urban Gardener's Delight: Firwood Greenhouse for Patios & Balconies (60x45x100cm)


Extend Your Growing Season: This charming wooden greenhouse provides a perfect haven for your favorite herbs. The durable firwood frame with a grey waterbase finish is complemented by transparent PC panels, creating a bright and stable environment for your plants.

Maximize Space: Featuring 2 spacious shelves and an open bottom for optimal drainage, this compact greenhouse (60x45x85/100cm) efficiently utilizes your outdoor area. The convenient hinged lid allows for easy access for watering and maintenance.

Ideal for Hobby Gardeners: Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or just starting your herb garden journey, this greenhouse offers a simple solution to protect your plants from harsher weather and extend your growing season.

Please Note: This greenhouse is not suitable for heavy snowfall.

Order yours today and cultivate a thriving herb haven!

    Colour: orange
    Colour: orange