Compact Corner Trellis Planter: Maximize Space for Climbing Plants (40x40x150cm)


Maximize Space, Maximize Beauty: Corner Trellis Planter for Climbing Plants (Solid Fir Wood)

Liven Up Your Corners! This space-saving corner trellis planter (40x40x150cm) is the perfect solution for adding greenery and vertical interest to your garden or patio.

Built to Last Outdoors: Crafted from durable solid fir wood, this planter offers exceptional weather resistance for long-lasting beauty.

Blooming Success: The spacious flower box (37x37x25cm) provides ample room for a variety of flowers, while the sturdy trellis offers reliable climbing support for roses, ivy, and other vining plants.

Effortless Corner Placement: The compact corner design utilizes unused corners efficiently, creating a visually appealing vertical garden.

Simple Assembly, Stunning Results: Enjoy a hassle-free setup with the included assembly instructions.

Order yours today and transform your outdoor space!

    Colour: Brown
    Quantity: 1
    Colour: Brown
    Quantity: 1