Extend Your Season! Polycarbonate Cold Frame (108x41x110cm)


Get a Jump Start on Spring! This innovative polycarbonate cold frame (108x41x110cm) allows you to start planting flowers and vegetables earlier in the year and extend your harvest well into the fall.

Durable & All-Weather Protection:

  • Crystal-Clear Polycarbonate Walls & Lids: These walls provide exceptional clarity for optimal light penetration, promoting healthy plant growth.
  • Heat, Frost & Impact Resistant: Withstands extreme temperatures from -25°C to +60°C, making it ideal for year-round use.
  • UV-Resistant: Protects your plants from harmful UV rays while retaining up to 40% more warmth compared to glass.
  • Waterproof & Shockproof: The aluminum frame ensures sturdiness, and the polycarbonate material offers excellent weather resistance.

Versatile & User-Friendly Design:

  • Effortless Plant Care: The 4 removable lids provide easy access to all corners of the cold frame for planting, tending, and harvesting.
  • Direct Planting: The open-bottom design allows for planting directly into the ground, eliminating the need for additional pots.
  • Climate Control: You can control the amount of light, air, heat, and humidity within the cold frame, creating an ideal environment for your plants.

Order yours today and cultivate a thriving garden year-round!

Size: 109 x 41 x 56 cm
Size: 109 x 41 x 56 cm